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Accuphase DP-770

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AccuphaseAccuphase A-80
The high-rigidity, high-precision drive traverse mechanism equipped with an outer rotor brushless DC motor drive rotates discs smoothly and delivers accurate data reading, while the 8MDSD (DSD signal) / 8MDS++ (PCM signal) type D/A converter driving the ES9028 PRO (ESS Technologies) processor in 8 parallel channels converts the inputs into highly precise analog signals. The DP-770 also incorporates numerous noise suppression technologies like ANCC* to create an unparalleled musical experience.
  • High-rigidity, high-precision aluminum machined SA-CD/CD drive with low center of gravity MDSD/MDS++ D/A converter driving 8 parallel channels using ANCC Programmable playlists so that you can enjoy your music in the order you want Data disc playback Direct Balanced Filter with completely separate line and balanced signals Display with sampling frequency and number of quantization bits Abundant transport outputs and digital inputs Digital connections to an Accuphase Voicing Equalizer Balanced output phase selector