Adcom GFA-565se

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ADCOM GFA-565se High Power Audio Amplifier
An amplifier that we unhesitatingly recommend for even the most demanding high-end system. This power amplifier is a compact version of our more powerful GFA-575se, yet it sacrifices nothing when it comes to revelation of nuance and inner detail. The GFA-565se is a powerhouse, housing 250W into 8 ohms. GFA-565se’s full power output is delivered into any loudspeaker load – unconditionally. The GFA-565se high current power amplifier goes beyond delivering top-notch sound – it's all about giving you exceptional quality and value for your investment. Our engineers are passionate about continuously innovating and improving the performance and features of our components. That is why our products gets rated as good as, if not better than, those way pricier options. Our engineering team is constantly striving to develop and design products that impress and surpassing even your highest expectations. At ADCOM, our aim is to make our products more accessible to a larger audience to savor that high-end audio goodness without the premium price tag.

Pure Power
The GFA-565se high power audio amplifier is quite possibly the perfect example of ADCOM’s goal to effortlessly reproduce music with exquisite detail. GFA-565se is an extremely powerful amplifier, offering 250W of pure power with high current drive capability, with both balanced and unbalanced power stage. This power amplifier delivers a high level of noise rejection and lower transient distortion plus the ability of the amplifier to draw maximum current from the power supply as required to follow the musical waveform accurately.

Sturdy Design
Great care has been taken by ADCOM to assure that your amplifier is as flawless in appearance as it is electronically. The front panel is a heavy-gauge, high-grade aluminum extrusion carefully finished and anodized for durability. The chassis, top cover and rear panel are of heavy-gauge steel, both painted and baked. With its ultimate built-quality, unique ADCOM technologies and state-of-the-art connectivity, the GFA-565se high current power amplifier truly is a masterpiece of sound technology.

  • Output Power 250 watts into 8 ohms 350 watts into 4 ohms 700 watts into 8 ohms, bridged Frequency Resp. @ 1watt, 8-ohms: +0. -0.25dB, 10Hz to 20kHz Power Bandwidth (-3dB): 5Hz to 100kHz Input Impedance 100,000 ohms. Input Sensitivity 12.1V rms, 250W into 8 ohms. 130 mV rms, 1W into 8 ohms. Damping Factor >800, 20Hz to 20kHz Max Dimensions 7-1/4” x 17” x 14-3/16” 185mm x 432mm x 360mm Weight 51lbs.(23kg) Shipping Weight: 55lbs.(25kg) Power 120VAC & 230VAC / 50-60Hz