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Harman Kardon HK-825 Pre-Amplifier

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The HK825 preamplifier is designed with attention to even the finest details.

For example, the phono section has Dual RIAA Equalization circuitry. This provides consistently low levels of negative feedback throughout the audio band, and results in improved transient response.

We use low noise FET's in the inputs of both our low and high level stages, for exceptional signal to noise ratio.

The discrete Moving Coil head amplifier allows the use of nearly all MC cartridges, without the need for an expensive add on component. There is also capacitance trim, which obtains the widest, flattest frequency response from your Moving Magnet (MM) cartridge.

In addition, the HK825 is equipped with low negative feedback, and an ultra wideband width of 0.1Hz to 180kHz, which means an incredibly fast transient response, and extremely pure, transparent sound.

To keep interference to a minimum, we take special care with the layout of the circuitry, shielding and wiring. We also utilize only the highest quality, close tolerance components.

Switchable bass and treble turnover frequencies allow for custom tailoring of the tone control characteristics to the listening environment. Tone defeat is available to maximize the purity of the signal when tone controls are not necessary.

Facilities for two tape decks with two way tape copy ability allow for listening to another source while copying from one deck to the other. Loudness, subsonic and high cut filters are also featured.

By the way, since our equipment has always been designed to play original master tapes, we've been ready for digital audio and coming software advances, long before they've been ready for us.

Frequency response: 0.1Hz to 200kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%

Input sensitivity: 0.13mV (MC), 2.2mV (MM), 130mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 81dB (MC), 84dB (MM), 94dB (line)

Channel separation: 57dB (MM), 55dB (MC), 59dB (line)

Output: 1V (Pre out)

Dimensions: 443 x 103 x 351mm

Weight: 5.8kg

Recapped Power Supply

Fully Tested and Cleaned
90 Days

Pre-owned Guarantee

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