Kef Kube 12b Powered Subwoofer

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Deep, accurate bass from KEF
Don't tell my wife, but when I have the house to myself I like to watch movies really loudly. And a large part of what makes that such a rush for me is the visceral feel of bass as it sweeps through my living room during intense scenes. Talk about thrilling! KEF's KUBE 12b powered subwoofer has this exact goal in mind: provide deep, hard-hitting bass that puts you right in the heart of the action.

Intelligently designed components
The KUBE 12b is outfitted with a custom-designed 12" woofer, and a powerful 300-watt RMS amplifier. KEF designs and builds all of their components in-house to make sure that both the quality and audio performance are up to the company's high standards. Use this sub with confidence as part of your home theater or stereo music system, even in large rooms.

Built-in sound controls
On the back panel you'll find a simple-but-useful input and control panel. My favorite feature? You can choose from three placement presets (free-standing, in-cabinet, or corner) to dial in the sound based on where the sub is located in your room.

Get the most out of your new sub
Once you get your sub home, check out our tips for placement and setup. Free lifetime Virginia-based tech support is included with your purchase.

Product highlights:
frequency response: 22-140 Hz (-6 dB)
built-in Class D amplifier delivers 300 watts RMS of continuous power
custom-designed 12" woofer
acoustic suspension (sealed) cabinet design
iBX (Intelligent Bass Extension) digital signal processing provides deep, dynamic bass at any listening level
3 placement presets (free-standing, in-cabinet, or corner) let you choose your sub's location for optimal bass performance
variable low-pass crossover (40-140 Hz)
phase control switch (0°/180°)
line-level/LFE RCA inputs
main power on/off switch plus auto standby/on mode
detachable power cord
15-1/2"W x 16-1/8"H x 16-1/8"D
weight: 45.5 lbs.
warranty: 5 years woofer, 2 years amplifier