Kyocera R-461 (50W/Ch)

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The R-461 AM/FM tuner amplifier outperforms competing receivers in terms of both clarity and dynamic sound.

This success is due to Kyocera's state of the art engineering and the generous use of high-end audio parts throughout every section of the receiver.

The amplifier section, for example, uses high-speed MOS-FETs, enabling the R-461 to efficiently handle even the most demanding digital program material.

The tuner section is designed to achieve both premium performance and operating convenience. It has a phase lock loop frequency synthesizer for easy and accurate access to stations of the user's choice.

Audiophiles who measure the performance of audio components in terms of power specification will be truly astonished by the crystal clarity and outstanding dynamic performance of the R-461 created by just 50W per channel output.

Fully Tested and Cleaned
90 Days

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