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Need Help? Have Questions? Call us 410-882-4360
Need Help? Have a Question? Call us 410-882-4360

Mail in Repair

Our Shipping Address...
Just Audio
Repair Department
11615 Crossroads Circle Suite A
Middle River, MD 21220


1. Call us at 410-882-4360 to ensure we work on the component you need repaired.

2. Be sure to package your item properly. If you don't have the original box and packaging, we suggest at least 4 inches (6 layers) of bubble wrap around the unit, and a heavy duty DOUBLE WALL box. We recommend shipping the repair by mail unit via FedEx or UPS (DO NOT MAIL USPS). Boxes and packaging that is not original will be discarded. When shipping back to you we will include a new box and packaging which is included in your return shipping price.

3. You can include a check for the diagnostic fee $100 or once we receive the unit we will contact you for diagnostic fee payment via Visa/Mastercard. This fee is applied towards your repair costs but is non-refundable and covers the technicians time to evaluate your equipment. Once received we are running 6 weeks until the unit is assigned to be looked at.

4. Fill out our Mail In Audio Repair Form

*NOTE: We repair Reel to Reels & Turntables via drop off only.