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Before sending your audio component, it is important to reach out to us to make sure that we can work on it and for you to understand our repair process.

We can not offer you any kind of estimate, price range, or a "ballpark" prior to evaluating.

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Just Audio

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11615 Crossroads Circle Suite A

Middle River, MD 21220

Shipping instructions...

Packaging: If you don't have the original box and packaging, we suggest at least 4 inches (6 layers) of bubble wrap around the unit, and a heavy duty DOUBLE WALL box. Boxes and packaging that is not original will be discarded. When shipping back to you we will include a new box and packaging which is included in your return shipping price.

Ship via FedEx or UPS (DO NOT SEND USPS).

Payment: You can include a check for the $100 diagnostic fee or once we receive the unit we will contact you for diagnostic fee payment via Visa/Mastercard.

The process...

  • There is a $100 diagnostic fee. This fee is non-refundable (it covers our technicians time diagnosing your unit) but is applied towards your repair.
  • Our staff will check your unit in, once received, and call to ask you a few questions regarding what issues you are experiencing.
  • Our technicians are running about 6 weeks before evaluation. Please also allow a few additional days for troubleshooting and parts research.
  • Once diagnosed they will call you with an estimate for repair.

Can't be without music?

  • We offer a RUSH service in which your equipment will be looked at by our technicians for evaluation within 5 business days of drop off.
  • This service is an additional $75 charge and is not applied to your repair cost.