Shipping Guarantee

These are trying times, so Just Audio is trying harder to give you the best customer experience possible. That's why we are giving you 10% back in store credit for any item you order that meets any of the following conditions...

-Is backordered by the manufacturer. Yes, if they don't have it and you order it, we take care of you!

-Item is out of stock in our warehouse and we need to place an order with the manufacturer.

-Item does not arrive within 4 business days after purchase date. The examples below shows the shipping deadline, unless there is a holiday in which case would add a day.

  • Order Monday - Arrive by Friday
  • Order Tuesday - Arrive by Monday
  • Order Wednesday - Arrive by Tuesday
  • Order Thursday - Arrive by Wednesday
  • Order Friday- Arrive by Thursday
  • Order Saturday - Arrive by Thursday
  • Order Sunday - Arrive by Thursday

-Vinyl is not included in this Guarantee.

-This discount can not be applied with any other discount, sale, klipsch heritage, or pre-orders.