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Advance Paris X-A600 Stereo Amplifier

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The Ultimate Advanced Paris Stereo Amplifier

The X-A600 stereo power block is the new flagship stereo power amplifier from Advance Paris.

The linear power supply is based on a 700VA toroidal transformer and a set of 6 capacitors for a total of 60000μF. Combined with very high current power transistors (NJW0281G -NJW0302G), we guarantee dynamic sound even under heavy load. .

The X-A600 delivers a power of 200 W per channel in class AB under 8Ω. A "High BIAS" switch located at the rear of the device allows the X-A600 to deliver the first Watts in sliding class A. Beyond this power, switching to class AB takes place automatically.

The X-A600 benefits from a chassis with significant rigidity thanks to its mechanical design. Each circuit is separated from the others by compartmentalized construction ensuring effective shielding. The separate power amplifier is an essential element of any advanced audio system. Combined with the X-P700 or X-PXNUMX pre-amplifier, you can build a high-quality audiophile package capable of delicately driving virtually any loudspeakers while maintaining absolute control of the bass drivers.