Benchmark DAC 1

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Incredibly Clear Digital Audio Playback!

The Benchmark DAC1 digital-to-analog converter is nothing short of amazing. It will make your mastered 16-bit CDs sound more like the original 24-bit master recordings, full of rich detail, wide stable stereo imaging and a clear high end. The DAC1 is an invaluable production tool!

Benchmark DAC1 Digital-to-Analog Converter at a Glance:
Incredible distortion-free, jitter-free output
Stereo 24-bit/96kHz conversion with 192kHz capability
Exclusive jitter-free UltraLock technology for real-world quality
Automatic pre-emphasized audio processing and ultra-low distortion headphone amp
Incredible distortion-free, jitter-free output
Listening to audio from the Benchmark DAC1 is an amazing experience. The distortion free output is so pristine it truly feels as though someone has finally lifted the curtain! Now you can hear detail that was previously masked by jitter induced artifacts and distortion. If it was an exceptional recording, you'll hear it, if it wasn't, you'll hear that as well.

Fully Tested and Cleaned
90 Days

Pre-owned Guarantee

Just Audio understands the importance of trust when investing in pre-owned or vintage audio components. That’s why we offer a reassuring 90-day warranty on our products. This warranty is a commitment that each piece of equipment you purchase has been meticulously tested and is in excellent working condition. During these 90 days, should any issue arise, Just Audio is dedicated to resolving it promptly, ensuring that your experience with your vintage or pre-owned component is seamless and enjoyable. This warranty underlines Just Audio’s confidence in the quality and durability of their products and their continuous support to you, our valued customer. Enjoy the rich, authentic sounds of your pre-owned audio component with the peace of mind that Just Audio’s 90-day warranty brings.