Bluesound HUB - Wireless Audio Source Adapter

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Multi-room source sharing
The HUB lets you stream vinyl and other analog and digital sources to your BluOS components and speakers.
The Bluesound HUB lets you connect digital and analog sources — even a turntable — and stream them wirelessly to other BluOS speakers and components on your home network.

What it doesn't do
The HUB isn't a standalone network streamer, and it doesn't have a DAC or even a wired audio output. It's built for one job only: letting you add virtually any vintage or modern wired sources to your streaming BluOS ecosystem.

A source preamp for your home network
Connect the HUB to your home network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Then connect your favorite sources. The HUB simply shows up in your BluOS app or components as a source you can select.

There are two analog inputs, including a dedicated phono input, plus optical and coaxial digital inputs that let you connect a CD player or other sources with digital outputs.

Stream your vinyl and other sources
The old-school vinyl LP has truly come full circle when you can connect your turntable to this HUB and stream it to other players in your BluOS ecosystem. Whether you use the built-in moving magnet phono input or plug your own phono preamp of choice into the line-level input, you'll get the magic warmth of vinyl, now freed up and streaming across your network.

You could use the HDMI eARC connection on the HUB to send tasty stereo TV sound to a Bluesound PULSE FLEX 2i or MINI 2i pair (sold separately) running in stereo. You can even play one analog and one digital stream simultaneously to different BluOS players.

Convenient, flexible placement options
The HUB is small enough to fit in one hand. It has four keyhole mounting slots so you can put it where you need it. Mount it on a wall close to your TV or network router or place it inconspicuously beside a beautiful turntable.