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The CDi is an integrated CD player from our Classic series, using the award winning Servo Evolution CD engine. Everything from the power stage through to the analogue output has been designed with sound quality in mind, and the results will exceed all your expectations.

Judged the best CD player over £1000 for nine consecutive years by What Hi-Fi? Magazine, the CDi is without doubt one of the most influential integrated CD players ever designed. You’ve never really heard your CDs until you’ve listened to them on a Cyrus CDi.

Cyrus CD players perform better because they generate far less background noise than other cd players. We call this our Servo-Evolution technology, and the principle itself is quite simple. Usually the laser mechanism (servo) which reads the data from a disc makes tiny movements side to side quite quickly to re-read miss-read data – this creates ‘servo noise’ and that impacts the ‘noise-floor’ limiting the quality of the sound output.

The principle objective with our CD players is to extract the data on the disc as accurately as possible the first time – and that is only possible through some very careful design and calibration in both the hardware and software elements of the player.

Following on from Cyrus’ trickle down approach, the CDi features the same 32 bit DAC featured in the DAC XP Signature. The move to 32 bit for Cyrus allows even greater detail retrieval and sonic resolution.

Twin analogue outputs and an optical and co-axial digital outputs allow the CDi to fit into a variety of setups.

The CDi features the latest generation of our slot load CD technology. This quiet and low contact mechanism provides a myriad of benefits to the traditional tray method of loading a CD, whilst also de-cluttering the front panel for an improved aesthetic.

The circuit of the CDi has been designed in 2 discrete sections, allowing the product to be upgradeable through the addition of our separate power supply, the PSX R2).

This addition completely isolates the DAC section of the product, improving timing and eliminating any intermodulation which can impact the delicate analogue signals output. Whilst not necessary for outstanding performance, this addition is a valuable upgrade for the serious audiophile.