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Dahlquist DQ-LP1 Crossover

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The Dahlquist DQ-LP1 crossover combines an electronic circuit for low bass output and a passive circuit for the frequencies above the crossover point.

Thus, the upper range remains pure and undistorted, with no alteration whatever of clarity and depth imaging.

Features of the DQ-LP1 include:

Variable frequency electronic low-bass sections with 18dB/octave slopes

Three cascaded stages with staggered time-constants for non-ringing

Low phase-shift curves at any frequency setting

Completely passive high-pass sections which can be custom tailored for any bass roll off frequency

Independent adjustments in each channel to compensate for room placement

Separate output circuits for stereo and mixed center channel bass modules

Level controls and A-B comparison switches


Low pass crossover: 40 to 400Hz

Slope: 18dB per octave

Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%