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DBX Model 400X

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$299.99 - $299.99
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     Cleaned and Tested


    DBX has developed a new component that solves all your hookup problems in a single stroke. It's the model 400X Program Route Selector.

    It has inputs for as many as three decks, three sound processors, and a noise reduction unit. With push button ease, you can select the processor of your choice, the deck of your choice, and add noise reduction at will.

    The first new feature of the 400X is its capability for taking a non encoded music tape and producing an encoded copy that incorporates any combination of noise reduction and sound processing, depending on what units are hooked up.

    In the same way, an NR encoded music tape can be made into a non encoded copy that incorporates any combination of sound processing you choose.

    The newly incorporated LED indicators clearly show the functions that have been chosen and the path the signal is taking.

    All in all, the DBX 400X is an invaluable system simplifier that is compatible with any stereo system, and recommended for anyone having one or more noise reduction units and sound processors or two or more decks.


    Dimensions: 17-1/8 x 1-3/4 x 7-1/2 inches

    Weight: 5-1/16 lbs