Garrard MRM 101

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The MRM 101 (Music Recovery Module) is designed to remove the objectionable noises heard when a phono pickup meets a scratch on the record being played.

It is not intended to remove all noises associated with old, worn or generally dirty records.

Since these noises occur in an almost continuous manner, their detection could lead to the removal of a substantial proportion of the original recording.

The MRM contains a high quality stereo preamplifier with magnetic phono inputs.

This allows the MRM to be simply and directly connected to the amplifier 'aux' or 'tuner' inputs.

The scratch detection circuit recognizes the whole waveform of the scratch and distinguishes it from the peaks of the recorded music.

In order to make the decision to remove the scratch, the channels are individually delayed by a few milliseconds without limiting the audio frequency range.

After recognizing the scratch, a specially designed network isolates the signal for sufficient time for the scratch noise to pass out of the delay line.

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