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HiFi Rose RA180

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Bold amplifier design and impeccable performance
The RA180 has a unique design and four channels of exquisite amplification (shown with the RS150B network streamer and iPad®, both sold separately)
Just one look at HiFi Rose's RA180 shows you it's an out-of-the-ordinary integrated amplifier. Closer inspection reveals its relatively old-school approach, though. It's not a streamer or a DAC — its only Wi-Fi feature is connection to its user-friendly control app.

It's got four bridgeable channels of impeccable power for your speakers and balanced and unbalanced analog inputs, including a phono input. And it's got powerful features that let you tailor your sound with precision.

Beautiful form and function
The RA180's look is a little bit "steampunk," and 100% audiophile. Its illuminated analog level meters have partially open faces beneath the crystal that let you see the electromagnets that control the needle. The distinctive volume knob turns five aluminum gears when you adjust the level.

You can make virtually any adjustment using the tactile front-panel controls — switch between sources, adjust bass, treble, and balance, and plenty more. When you control the amp with the included remote or the Rose AMP Connect app for Apple® and Android™ devices, the physical dials on the amp actually move. That just looks and feels cool.

And you can bypass front-panel controls in discrete sections using the dedicated switches, or all at once using the pure direct switch.