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HIFI Rose RSA780 CD Drive

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The HiFi Rose RSA780 also applies high-performance insulators that minimise noise and vibrations that can occur when a CD is running. Its sturdy construction also helps aid playback by reducing vibrations that could be transferred through to the spinning disc and the pick-up laser. To keep the signal as clean as possible, the RSA780 also features a USB Type-B port for high-quality signal transfer and is supplied with the matching RSA705 7NOCC HiFi grade USB cable.

Low-noise and anti-vibration design to isolate the CD pick-up from the player

Heavy 900g metal construction

Slot-load mechanism for playing and ripping CDs in ROSE OS

USB Type-B port

USB Isolator technology

Minimised motion noise by applying high-performance insulators

Also works with any normal computer

RSA705 hi-fi grade USB cable provided with the drive