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Check Just Audio Out On YouTube Here!

iFi Zen Stream Streaming music player with Wi-Fi® and Apple AirPlay®

by IFI
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iFi Zen Stream Streaming music player with Wi-Fi® and Apple AirPlay®

Stream away

Say you've got an older stereo or headphone amplifier, and you're using a DAC to get your digital tunes going — why not add wireless streaming to the system while you're at it? iFi's Zen Stream is a versatile network streamer that gives you lots of great ways to enjoy your music. It connects up to your network (either wirelessly or via Ethernet) and lets you cast music from lots of different streaming apps, like TIDAL, Spotify, Qobuz, and more.

If you'd like to play music stored on a USB or networked hard drive, the Zen Stream has you covered there too. You can select either source with iFi's sleek web interface, which is accessible on both computers and smartphones.

Connect the Zen Stream to your DAC using either a coaxial digital cable or a USB cable, depending on what type of input your equipment has.

Hands-on with iFi's intuitive streamer

I was excited to try iFi's newest offering, the Zen Stream. It was made to consolidate music sources and make the streaming process simpler. The all-metal chassis felt good in my hands, and it visually blended well with my Jamo DS7 powered speakers and sub combo. The Zen Stream doesn't have an onboard DAC, so I plugged my AudioQuest DragonFly Black into its USB output to handle the conversion. I ran an AudioQuest Evergreen 3.5mm-to-RCA stereo cable from the DAC to the DS7's input.

After taking care of those physical connections, I worked on getting the iFi connected to my home network. It took less than five minutes, thanks to the company's user-friendly web interface. The front panel network indicator helped me make sure the Zen Stream was connected to the internet.

Speaking of the interface, it was nice being able to access it on both my smartphone and my computer. I appreciated that I didn't have to be rooted to a single spot to change sources. I had fun tweaking the UI layout and enjoyed all the little things that could be done to tailor the experience to my liking.

I streamed some tunes from TIDAL with no problem. I also hooked up an external hard drive with a couple Tool and Rammstein albums on it. The folders were easy to navigate using the web interface, and the Zen Stream passed the FLAC signals along to my DAC. The songs I played sounded wonderful and had plenty of depth and detail. Altogether, it was a seamless, customizable experience that integrated well with my existing gear. 


Product highlights:

  • streaming music player
  • access music from networked storage devices, USB drives, or streaming music services
  • connects to your network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet
  • native streaming from TIDAL, Spotify, Qobuz, YouTube Music, and QQ Music
  • Apple AirPlay for streaming music from compatible devices
  • compatible with DLNA music servers, including JRiver, Audiovana, nPlayer, MediaMonkey, and more
  • web-based user interface allows for source selection, playback options, network options, NAS/DLNA configuration, and UI layout changes
  • manually selectable system modes for improved performance and stability
    • All-in-one, Roon, TIDAL, NAA (network audio adapter), or DLNA
  • two front-panel indicators show sampling rate and network status
  • back-panel connections:
    • S/PDIF coaxial digital output for connecting receiver or DAC (max sample rate: 24-bit/192kHz)
    • USB Type-A input for USB hard drives and flash drives up to 6TB
    • USB Type-A output for connecting to an outboard DAC (max sample rate: DSD512)
    • Ethernet port for hardwired network connection
    • USB-C port for system upgrades only