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Integra DPC 8.5 Six Disc CD Changer

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Integra's DPC-8.5 six-disc DVD changer could be just the ticket. The machine plays "nearly every disc format in use today, including DVD-Audio and multichannel SACD," and boasts exceptional sound and video specifications—including Wolfson 192-kHz/24-bit audio DACs and 108Mhz/12-bit video processing. An "ultra-quiet six-disc carousel tray with a unique blue illumination light for easier disc recognition in low-light situations" is one of the many ergonomic refinements.

The machine is intended for easy integration into custom installed systems. Back-panel connectors include both BNC and RCA component video connections, a bi-directional RS-232 port, and IR in/out jacks for seamless integration with home theater equipment and whole-home control systems. The full array of multichannel analog audio outputs includes a defeatable second set of surround channel connections for use with 7.1-channel home theater systems. All outputs are simultaneously active, including a two-channel mixdown of SACD and DVD-Audio at the stereo outputs. Integra's proprietary "Direct Digital Path," the company claims, i"nsures maximum integrity of Dolby Digital, DTS and PCM audio signals to the rear-panel digital outputs."

The DPC-8.5 offers "superior clarity and detail" thanks to a 108-Mhz/12-bit video D/A converter. Integra's Direct Progressive capability enables the player to extract 480p native encoded DVD material, which is then passed directly to the component outputs without degradation from unnecessary video processing. In addition to the component video outputs, there are also two composite and two S-video connections for compatibility with nearly all televisions. All video outputs are continuously active.

Mix and mingle: The DPC-8.5 offers a wide range of playback modes, including true multi-disc random playback, even with intermingled DVD-A, SACD, and MP3-encoded discs. There are also three playback chain modes, for CD-only, DVD-only, or All discs.