KEF R11 Meta

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KEF R11 Meta
The Flagship of KEF's Redesigned R Series
(Priced Per Speaker)

Crutchfield customers love the sleek looks and precise, detailed sound of KEF's R Series speakers. Now, we're psyched to add the newly refined "Meta" versions of these great speakers to our lineup, with the stunning R11 Meta floor-stander leading the pack. This beautiful speaker is substantially built, measuring over four feet tall and weighing over 80 lbs. But if you have the room, its advanced driver technology treats you to rich, involving sound for your home theater or two-channel music setup.

This speaker offers some eye-catching finish options, and it includes stabilizing outrigger feet with carpet spikes.

Revolutionary MAT technology improves performance
This R Series model gets the "Meta" part of its name from KEF's innovative Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) — a highly complex, mazelike structure that absorbs unwanted sound waves coming from the rear of the tweeter. The resulting sound is clearer, purer, and more detailed.

KEF R11 Meta's advanced driver technology
Exploded view of the advanced Uni-Q driver, with the MAT absorber at far right

An upgraded Uni-Q® driver array for better clarity and accuracy
KEF's patented Uni-Q technology places the R11 Meta's 1" vented aluminum dome tweeter in the acoustic center of the 5" aluminum cone midrange driver. This arrangement allows the sound from the two drivers to reach our ears at the same time, resulting in more natural sound. Uni-Q technology is now in its 12th generation, and the engineers at KEF have designed this version to reduce distortion caused by several factors, as well as optimizing it to take full advantage of the aforementioned MAT absorber. Bottom line: these R Series models offer even more natural-sounding performance than earlier versions, thanks to cutting-edge Uni-Q drivers.

Diffraction disarmed
The ring you see around the Uni-Q array is what KEF calls their "Shadow Flare." Its shape is carefully profiled so that the tweeter doesn't have "line of sight" to the cabinet's edges. This design minimizes a potential source of audible distortion known as sound wave "diffraction," which can occur when the high frequencies coming from the tweeter couple with the speaker's front baffle and muddy the sound. It's just one of many design elements that helps give this speaker its clarity and precision.

High-tech woofers for deep, agile bass
Each of the four 6-1/2" hybrid aluminum woofers is made up of a shallow aluminum skin atop a paper cone. This hybrid design allows very precise movement for dynamic, accurate bass. And the two rear-firing cabinet ports have innovative flexible walls to prevent air turbulence and unwanted resonance from coloring the sound.

Product highlights:
3-way design
1" vented aluminum dome tweeter with MAT absorber
KEF's exclusive MAT (Metamaterial Absorption Technology ) absorbs 99% of the unwanted sound coming from the rear of the tweeter, for clearer, more natural performance
5" aluminum cone midrange driver
tweeter and midrange use KEF's Uni-Q technology, with tweeter in center of midrange driver
creates a large listening "sweet spot" in your room
four 6-1/2" hybrid aluminum cone woofers
frequency response: 46-28,000 Hz (±3 dB)
sensitivity: 90 dB
impedance: 4 ohms
recommended amplifier power: 15-300 watts
bass-reflex cabinet with Constrained Layer Damping to reduce resonance
dual rear-firing ports with flexible port technology for deep, articulate bass
two sets of input terminals allow bi-amping or bi-wiring
detachable microfiber grille
included plinth and carpet spikes provide added stability
12-1/4"W x 51"H x 15-1/8"D (including plinth and terminals)
weight: 80.5 lbs.
warranty: 5 years