KEF S3 Floor Stand

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KEF S3 Speaker Stands
Get maximum sound quality from your KEF R3 Meta speakers
Here at Crutchfield, we're big advocates for placing your "bookshelf" speakers on high-quality stands, rather than an actual bookshelf. These sturdy stands were custom-designed for KEF's high-performance R3 Meta. They'll minimize sound-muddying vibrations and elevate your speakers' tweeters to a good height for delivering high-frequency detail to your ears.

Helpful design touches
For additional mass and stability, you can fill the central column of each stand with sand or shot (not included). Built-in cable management lets you tuck away speaker wire for a tidy appearance. And the speakers have threaded inserts that match up to holes in the stands' top plates, so you can attach them securely. Carpet spikes with protective discs for wooden floors are included.

Product highlights:
pair of stands for KEF R3 Meta speakers
provides an attractive, rock-solid foundation for your speakers
speakers can be bolted securely to top plates
central column can be filled with sand or shot (not included) during assembly for additional mass and stability
integrated cable management allows speaker wire to be hidden out of sight
carpet spikes with protective spike discs for wooden floors included
warranty: 5 years