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Klipsch LaScala AL5

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The must-have speaker for any audiophile! Delivering top-of-the-line sound in a more compact design, the La Scala AL5 is the only other fully horn-loaded speaker in the Heritage series besides the legendary Klipschorn.


Wall-to-wall sound from Klipsch
I have the privilege of researching a great number of different speakers each year. And increasingly, I've seen a trend toward minimalistic, space-saving designs. Klipsch has boldly headed in the opposite direction with the La Scala AL5 — and has been since 1963, when the first iteration of this beautiful floor-standing speaker make its debut.

The La Scala AL5 is one of Klipsch's largest speakers, second only in stature to the mighty Klipschorn. The latest version of this iconic speaker sports a newly designed Tractrix® horn-loaded tweeter, along with gorgeous bookmatched, real-wood veneer finishes.

Klipsch Heritage La Scala AL5 floor-standing speaker
The handmade La Scala AL5 offers beautiful sound and striking looks (shown in satin black ash).

Three way horn-loaded design
The La Scala AL5 is fully horn-loaded, meaning that its 1" tweeter, 2" midrange, and 15" woofer all use Klipsch's famous horn-shaped cabinet openings.

This design allows for exceptional sensitivity, low distortion, flat frequency response, and broad, well-controlled dispersion. This translates to unequaled power, detail, and dynamics — the hallmarks of the classic Klipsch sound.

The AL5's high sensitivity also makes it a great choice for low- and medium-powered tube amps.

Proudly made in the USA
The La Scala AL5 is designed and hand-built in Hope, Arkansas. It's available in several attractive book-matched wood veneer finishes, which provide a "mirror" image of each other.

That's because each pair of La Scala AL5 is sourced from the same piece of timber, with the speakers precisely arranged to provide an aesthetically pleasing mirror image at the splice.

A reminder about size and weight
The La Scala AL5 comes in two separate cabinets — one for the tweeter and midrange, and a separate enclosure for the bass driver. Premium materials make the fully assembled speaker quite heavy. Each La Scala AL5 weighs in at a whopping 201 pounds, so you may want to have a friend (or two) on-site to help you unbox and position them.

Product highlights:
matched pair of floor-standing speakers
designed and hand-built in Hope, Arkansas
three-way, fully horn-loaded design
separate upper and lower cabinets
1" polyimide-diaphragm compression driver tweeter with Tractrix horn
2" phenolic-diaphragm horn-loaded compression driver midrange
15" fiber-composite cone woofer with folded horn
frequency response: 51-20,000 Hz (±4dB)
power handling: 100 watts RMS (400 watts peak)
sensitivity: 105 dB
impedance: 8 ohms compatible
book-matched real wood veneer finish
veneer leaves for the left and right speakers are crafted from the same piece of timber
they're precisely arranged to provide an aesthetically pleasing "mirror" image at the splice
removable cloth grille
dual sets of speaker binding posts allow bi-amping or bi-wiring
24-1/4"W x 40"H x 25-5/16"D (each)
weight: 201 lbs. (each)
warranty: 10 years
10 Years