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Klipsch PRO-14-RC In-Ceiling Speaker

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Utilizing a custom-designed tweeter bridge with “shark fin” and asymmetric dimples to diffuse standing waves, the PRO-14RC provides crisp and clear audio over a wider range from only a 4.9” overall grille footprint. The Sky Hook® patented Cinch by Swarm Installation System provides incredibly fast and secure installations saving both time and money. With both round and square flat magnetic grilles included in the box, the new PRO-14RC minimal footprint in-ceiling speaker provides installers the ideal distributed audio solution that even interior designers will love.


3.5" Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) Woofer
1” Fixed Aluminum Dome FEA Optimized Tweeter
Exclusive, modular Patented Sky Hook® Cinch by Swarm
Bezel-Free square and round paintable magnetic grilles
Magnetic paint shield
Minimal footprint
5 Years