Mission 770 Classic Loudspeakers

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The British hi-fi speaker company Mission made its reputation with the original 770 speakers, which debuted in 1978. Designer Farad Azima based his crossover less on what he saw on frequency response charts and more on his own ears.

The new 770 stays true to the spirit of the iconic original. Mission's team, led by Peter Comeau, carefully updated the cabinet, drivers, and crossover. They also spent hundreds of hours listening to it in order to perfect its design.

Mission's objective for this speaker is to deliver classic British sound — rich, detailed, and natural — that lets you forget about the speaker and hear everything the music has to offer.

Drivers and crossover designed for synergy
The new 770 uses an 8" polypropylene woofer like its predecessor, but with a mineral-loaded composition that adds rigidity to the cone for fast, accurate sound. And like the original, the driver is mounted in a die-cast chassis with plenty of open space in the basket to help reduce sound reflection.

An oversized 1-1/8" microfiber polyester soft-dome tweeter delivers smooth, non-fatiguing high frequencies. And Mission went through over 170 iterations as they refined the crossover to blend the frequency slopes between the woofer and tweeter in the most musical way.

Non-resonant cabinet with superior damping
The 770's real-wood-veneered cabinet has relatively thin walls like its predecessor's, but improved with sandwiched MDF/particle board that's bonded together with high-damping adhesive. It also has internal bracing that helps keep the front baffle rigid as the drivers move with the music.

Acoustic foam and fiber damping material inside the enclosure absorb internal reflections, keeping cabinet coloration to an absolute minimum. And the flared front port helps the woofer deliver smooth, balanced, articulate bass.

Matching hand-made stands
The included custom-designed Mission 770 stands elevate these speakers to the proper listening height and give them a solid, vibration-resistant foundation for optimum performance. The stands are handmade in England from British steel.

Designed, engineered, and built in England
Mission is proud (and we think it's cool) that the 770s are made in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England. "Music leads, technology follows," is their motto.