Pioneer VSX-90

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Home entertainment, redefined
We're proud to count Pioneer's Elite line among our A/V receiver offerings. An exceptional value for the advanced feature set it offers, the VSX-90 wears the Elite designation well. Take full advantage of cutting-edge surround sound and video formats with Dolby Atmos and 4K Ultra HD pass-through, for the most immersive home theater experience to date. With ample options for wireless music streaming, you'll be able to cue your favorite tracks instantly and sample new music anytime you like. Intuitive setup and control apps give you easy, convenient operation of your system from your phone or tablet.

Take your home theater above and beyond with Dolby Atmos
A technology that just made its debut in home theater receivers last year, Dolby Atmos creates the most lifelike, captivating surround sound of any audio format to date. If you're watching a plane take off onscreen, your ears will follow it down the runway along with your eyes, and as it flies overhead you might swear your hair is blowing back as it roars directly above you. The VSX-90 supports a 5.1.2 Atmos setup. If you're ready to explore this new dimension in home theater sound, you'll just need to add a pair of in-ceiling speakers to your five-channel system, or pick up a pair of Atmos enabled upward-firing speakers to project sound off your ceiling and create the height effects that make an Atmos system so riveting.

Connections you can put to good use
If you're waiting for more Atmos content before taking the plunge, there are other things you can do with the VSX-90's height channels in the meantime. Use them to power a pair of rear surrounds in a traditional 7-channel system, bi-amp your main speakers for increased clarity, or reassign them to get stereo sound in a separate room. A second HDMI out means you can also send video to a second zone. Don't want the kids distracting you while you're catching up on your Netflix shows? Pop in a Blu-ray for them to watch in Zone 2 while you enjoy your favorite shows in the living room. Two subwoofer outputs with the option to use the second one in Zone 2 give you even further flexibility.

Get more music from more sources
The VSX-90 connects to your home network for instant access to your entire digital music library. vTuner® makes thousands of global Internet radio stations instantly available, and a comprehensive array of wireless music streaming options including Bluetooth and Apple AirPlay means you'll never be at a loss for good music. If you have a Spotify® subscription, Spotify Connect gives you wireless access to the entire Spotify music library, complete with onscreen album art and music info, and you can play all of your favorite Pandora® stations, too.

High-quality audio and pinpoint surround sound accuracy
The VSX-90 boasts a built-in ESS SABRE digital-to-analog-converter that lets you get the most out of all your digital music, including compressed music files. There is also support for high-resolution playback of WAV, FLAC, Apple Lossless, and DSD files, along with multi-channel WAV and FLAC files. When it comes to home theater sound, Pioneer's MCACC Pro calibration system with full support for Dolby Atmos will take care of compensating for differences in speaker size, distance and level, taking into account your room's layout to give you spot-on audio performance with minimal effort. Just connect the included setup microphone to the receiver, and the rest of the process is automatic.

Easy interactive setup and control
Setting up the VSX-90 is a straightforward process. Pioneer's Start-Up Navi app takes you through your initial network setup, and the receiver's built-in AVNavigator gives you a step-by-step walkthrough of all of the connections. You can fine-tune your settings using your computer, smartphone, or tablet. The Interactive Contents section of the AVNavigator lets you explore all of the receiver's features. Just push a button on the virtual remote, and AVNavigator will activate a given feature and tell you what it does. Once you're all set up, the iControlAV5 app for Apple and Android™ lets you use your device as a Wi-Fi remote to control your system.

Pre-owned Guarantee

Just Audio understands the importance of trust when investing in pre-owned or vintage audio components. That’s why we offer a reassuring 90-day warranty on our products. This warranty is a commitment that each piece of equipment you purchase has been meticulously tested and is in excellent working condition. During these 90 days, should any issue arise, Just Audio is dedicated to resolving it promptly, ensuring that your experience with your vintage or pre-owned component is seamless and enjoyable. This warranty underlines Just Audio’s confidence in the quality and durability of their products and their continuous support to you, our valued customer. Enjoy the rich, authentic sounds of your pre-owned audio component with the peace of mind that Just Audio’s 90-day warranty brings.