Project X2 with Sumiko Moonstone

Project X2 With Sumiko Moonstone

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X2 was designed to take your analog reproduction to new heights by building on principles already in practice within the Pro-Ject lineup. Development of the Pro-Ject X2 was not time to reinvent the wheel because the core engineering on the P1 (now X1) was already ideal in several ways. Instead we build on the technologies that had previously been established:

-The raw materials now used in production are of higher quality
-The components are bigger, heavier, and more robust to enhance performance and build quality
-We utilize CNC machining and modern material sciences to optimize each component for its function

The goal is that X2 raises the bar set by its sibling X1 turntable. It’s made for those who value fine details, build quality, high-grade materials, and standard-setting audio performance.

Plinth & Tonearm
Structurally, the Pro-Ject X2 is supported by its large, massive, dense & stiff MDF plinth reducing unwanted resonance to almost imperceptible levels. Thusly X2 is quiet as can be, allowing playback to become more detailed and dynamic. The plinth houses a sophisticated DC/AC generator that, combined with the convenient speed control board, delivers clean and stable power to the silent motor system. The tonearm is longer (9″ as opposed to 8.6″ on X1) and the tube has a wider-diameter carbon/aluminum composite construction that results in improved internal damping. This also means that the entire tonearm bearing is upgraded to compensate for additional mass, so tracking is more precise, stable, and accurate. The added mass makes the composite tonearm an excellent fit for most modern high-performance cartridges. The one-piece armtube/headshell helps to dampen armtube resonance and TPE-damped counterweight reduces arm/cartridge resonance by as much as 50%.

Motor & Suspension
X2’s motor already operates at near-silent levels, but to minimize potentially harmful resonance, the motor is suspended on resonance-absorbing TPE. This isolates the motor and allows it to run stably and to a greater degree of precision. Remaining vibrations are damped and eliminated so they are not transmitted to the chassis, platter, tonearm nor cartridge via addition TPE damping; the motor chassis is carefully balanced and suspended on a precision-tuned TPE isolator, effectively decoupling it from the main plinth. It is free-floating, horizontally level, and able to operate at the highest performance levels. Last, let’s not forget the fantastic, TPE-damped and adjustable feet (3 feet are used for resonance dispersion) that support and isolate the entire machine.

Sumiko Moonstone MM Phono Cartridge
The Pro-Ject X2 is supplied with a factory-mounted and aligned Sumiko Moonstone cartridge. Exceptionally well-balanced and capable of breathtaking dynamics, Moonstone is the perfect cartridge to top off this package. As a bonus, the stylus is user-replaceable so there’s no need to embark down the path of cartridge mounting unless it’s your preference. Multiple stylus replacements are available for Moonstone, including RS 78 for 78rpm shellac discs (see below).

Purpose-Designed Phono Interconnects
Compared to other sources, the signal coming from a turntable cartridge is very fragile in nature and demands the proper escort from tonearm output to phono preamp.Connect it E RCA is designed for this exact application. It’s a semi-balanced, low capacitance cable with superior shielding, making it ideal for carrying the phono signal.

The X2 has been meticulously engineered to offer performance-focused features for the best possible price. Our decades-long experience in analog technologies, modern CNC machinery, and old-world craftsmanship is evident in the fit and finish. Hand-assembled in Europe in an ISO 9001 certified facility, every turntable goes through extensive QC and burn-in to ensure reliability for decades to come.

Pro-Ject X2 is available in four finishes: real-walnut veneer, 8-coat gloss black, satin black or satin white.

Considerations for 78 RPM Records
The Pro-Ject X2 ships with 2 different belts. The flat belt is for 33 & 45rpm discs and is installed on the top/smaller diameter of the motor pulley. The round one is for 78rpm records only. It is designed for use with the larger/bottom pulley diameter with the differently shaped slot. Installing the 78 RPM pulley and belt incorrectly compromises its integrity and may lead to breakage.

Additionally, please note that it’s also not advisable to play 78rpm records with the Moonstone stylus. Being an elliptical diamond meant to track the ‘microgrooves’ of 33s & 45s, it will sound poor and cause undue harm to the disc (and potentially the cartridge!). Sumiko has developed a 78 stylus for this very reason – now shipping! The stylus tracks the grooves properly and reduces the risk of harm to your collection. Keep in mind that Moonstone is a stereo MM phono cartridge, meaning that its normal job is to transcribe 2 channels (left and right) of musical information. When using the 78 styli with Moonstone, what you’ll hear is the one channel of musical information (mono) of the 78 in both stereo channels.

Sumiko Stylus Replacement & A Unique Tour of the MM Design
Sumiko Phono Cartridges pair well with Pro-Ject tonearms. Their sonic synergy delivers non-fatiguing music that can be enjoyed for hours with no sacrifice to low-level detail & resolution- the things that make our music reproduction spring to life! Upgrading your stylus is an easy, low-risk path to immediate, audible improvement in your analog experience that only improve with break-in. Cartridge/stylus break-in occurs progressively as you listen. Our listeners notice the greatest degree of improvement in the 20-50 hour range. CLICK HERE to view the video tutorial for replacing and/or upgrading your Sumiko stylus! Also enjoy our gorgeous rendering of a Sumiko moving magnet cartridge in action HERE.

Fully Tested and Cleaned
90 Days

Pre-owned Guarantee

Just Audio understands the importance of trust when investing in pre-owned or vintage audio components. That’s why we offer a reassuring 90-day warranty on our products. This warranty is a commitment that each piece of equipment you purchase has been meticulously tested and is in excellent working condition. During these 90 days, should any issue arise, Just Audio is dedicated to resolving it promptly, ensuring that your experience with your vintage or pre-owned component is seamless and enjoyable. This warranty underlines Just Audio’s confidence in the quality and durability of their products and their continuous support to you, our valued customer. Enjoy the rich, authentic sounds of your pre-owned audio component with the peace of mind that Just Audio’s 90-day warranty brings.