Record Doctor RD-X - Record Cleaner

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Clean records for better sound and longer life
Keeping your records clean reduces surface noise and helps to extend their playable life. Playing clean records also protects your stylus, keeping dust and grime from collecting on the tip. The Record Doctor X record cleaning machine uses cleaning fluid, felt cleaning strips, and vacuum suction to remove microscopic residue out of your records' grooves. It cleans both sides of a record at the same time with two-way switchable rotation and dual vacuums. It comes with a large easy-grip record clamp and an RDGH goat-hair cleaning brush.
Quick, easy cleaning
First you'll apply cleaning fluid to both sides of your record using the included goat-hair brush and the machine's rotational controls. Next, turn on the built-in vacuum and rotation and let it spin the vinyl a few times until dry. Then switch the rotation direction for one revolution, and your record should be clean and ready to play. It might even sound better than when you bought it.
To keep your Record Doctor X from collecting dust when you're not using it, pick up this custom fitted leatherette cover.
Product highlights:
* vacuum-cleans vinyl records to remove dirt, dust, and grime
* dual vacuums clean both sides of a record at the same time
* two-way automatic rotation
* durable, stain-resistant aluminum top
* for best results use Record Doctor RxLP® cleaning fluid (4.5-ounce bottle included)
* includes RDGH goat-hair record-cleaning brush
* easy-grip manual record clamp and fluid applicator brush included
* applying cleaning fluid to both sides of the record is recommended
* detachable IEC power cord
* 14-15/16"W x 11-3/8"H x 7-1/8"D
* warranty: 1 year
What's in the box:
Record Doctor X owner's manual
* Record cleaning machine
* 58" AC power cord
* Sweeper arm
* Record clamp
* Cleaning solution (4.5 fl.oz. bottle)
* Record brush
* User's Guide
* Safety & Use Guidelines