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Sony PS-X5

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Table Aligned

New AT VM95E Installed


Fully Tested and Cleaned


The PS-X5 is a 2-speed direct drive turntable with static-balance type tonearm

The crystal lock system maintains the turntable at an accurate nominal speed under voltage or temperature variations or ageing, and shows excellent initial drift and load/speed characteristics.

With a newly developed brushless and slotless motor, the PS-X5 has excellent starting characteristics within a third revolution to 33.33rpm are obtained.

A servo system, which consists of a turntable with a magnetic rim and an 8-pole magnetic pick up head, and the BSL motor free from torque irregularity, assure minimal wow and flutter and a high signal to noise ratio.


Platter: 317mm aluminium alloy diecast

Motor: DC servo controlled brushless and slotless motor

Drive system: direct drive

Control system: crystal lock system

Speed: 33 and 45rpm

Wow and flutter: 0.025% WRMS

Signal to noise ratio: 73dB

Automation system: lead in, return, reject, repeat

Tonearm: statically balanced

Pivot to stylus length: 216.5mm

Overhang: 16.5mm

Dimensions: 445 x 150 x 375mm

Weight: 10.3kg

Customer Reviews

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Duke Mulvihill
A stellar fuĺly automatic direct drive turntable

Bought this model in 1977... It still works perfectly with only a m95 stylus change!