Sony RCD-W500C

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Enjoy the convenience of a 5-disc changer and a single-disc CD-R/RW burner in one feature-packed component. Sony's RCD-W500C includes internal high-speed dubbing at 4X, and allows you to make recordings from external sources, both analog and digital. You can even label your newly burned discs with CD Text® — disc, track, and artist names will appear on players with CD Text display. The RCD-W500C is a great CD player, too — it even plays your home-burned MP3 CDs.

When it comes to making mix CDs, the RCD-W500C really shines. You can load up to five discs into the changer (there are five individual trays inside the play well) and program the tunes you want to burn. Hit the record button and in short order, you'll be enjoying a customized mix of tunes from your five favorite CDs. If you're making recordings from analog sources, you can take advantage of Sony's Super Bit Mapping™ technology, which delivers more detailed sound and increased dynamic range. High-speed finalizing means you'll spend less time waiting on your custom discs, and more time enjoying them.

Note: Component CD recorders let you record on two different types of discs: CD-R discs are write-once, recordable CDs which play back in almost all newer home, car, and portable CD players. CD-RW discs can be erased and re-recorded again and again, but aren't as widely compatible when it comes to playback. Check your specific model of CD player for disc compatibility. Remember, blank computer CDs cannot be recorded using a home CD-R deck, so be sure to use blank audio discs (the logo on the disc's packaging must include the words "Digital Audio").

Belt Replaced

Fully Tested and Cleaned
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