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Speaker Snap Banana Connectors (12 Pieces)

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Snap-lock banana plug connectors for use with 12- to 24-gauge speaker wire.

Banana connectors make your life easier — especially when you're dealing with the space-challenged rear panels of A/V receivers. These Speaker Snap connectors use a patented lever snap design that provides a reliable, tool-free way to attach it to your speaker wire.

Simply strip your wire back, give the strands a twist, insert it into the connector, and snap the lever down — you're ready to plug in. And they can accept from 12- to 24-gauge wire. If your receiver, amplifier, or speakers have banana-compatible binding posts, these connectors are a quick and easy way to make clean, secure connections.

provides an easy and secure connection between your speaker wire and your banana-compatible speakers, receiver, or amplifier
fits 12- to 24-gauge speaker wire
lever-lock banana connection
strip back your wire, twist the strands together, insert into the connector, and snap the lever down for a secure connection
24k gold-plated contacts resist corrosion