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Product Questions? Found A Lower Price? Let Us Know! 410-882-4360

TEAC NT-505-X USB DAC / Network Player

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$2,099.99 - $2,099.99
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Opening a window to music world on your desktop.
A new experience of network audio starts with the NT-505-X
that inherits our audio design know-hows and Internet technologies.


The NT-505-X is a class-leading dual monaural USB DAC with versatile network playback capabilities.
It successfully incorporates the latest network technologies, along with TEAC’s decades
of accumulated audio design experience, in an attractive package with an A4-sized footprint.
The dual mono structure processes stereo signals with higher purity, and the D/A converter section
uses one ES9038 Q2M (made by ESS Technology) in each of the left and right channels.
This model achieves a high signal-to-noise ratio by using each DAC in mono mode.
Moreover, when used as a USB DAC, its high specifications enable native playback of
22.5MHz DSD and 768kHz/32bit PCM formats. The Analog section, which is one of the keys
to sound quality, includes four TEAC-HCLD2 buffer amp circuits that allow different drive modes,
– fully-balanced drive for balanced output, and parallel drive mode for unbalanced output –
to achieve enhanced acoustic expression.

On the network audio side, the NT-505-X supports high-quality music subscription services,
namely TIDAL, Qobuz and Roon Ready*. There’s also a built-in MQA decoder,
and you will enjoy unlimited music content on the Internet thanks to its high-quality digital
and Analog processing technologies.

Furthermore, you can also enjoy wireless playback from smart devices with high audio quality
thanks to the high performance specifications of the DAC.


  • Hi-Res audio playback supporting DSD512 (22.5MHz) and PCM 768kHz/32bit PCM
  • DSD128 (5.6MHz) and PCM 192kHz/24bit Network streaming from NAS/PC
  • ESS Technology ES9038 Q2M converter each for left and right channels
  • 7 types of PCM digital filters
  • Up-conversion up to 24.5MHz DSD and 384kHz/32bit PCM
  • Dual on-board clocks for 44.1kHz and 48kHz frequencies
  • 10MHz external clock input
  • Supports MQA decoding
  • Spotify, TIDAL, and Qobuz music subscription services*1
  • Roon Ready
  • Front USB port supporting Hi-Res playback from USB flash drive
  • Bluetooth® receiver supporting LDAC, Qualcomm® aptX HD, AAC and SBC
  • Original TEAC-HCLD2 enhanced-current output buffer circuit
  • Dual monaural circuit design
  • Dual toroidal-core power transformers for each channel
  • TEAC-QVCS quad volume control system
  • 1/8" (3.5mm) 4-pole stereo headphone jack supporting ground-separate drive
  • Full-dot OLED display with dimmer function
  • Newly-developed “Stressless Foot” design with three support points
  • Semi-floating design Top Panel
  • Bulk Pet*2 USB transferring technology with four transfer modes for various sound characters
  • Free TEAC HR Audio Player for Windows/Mac
  • Free TEAC HR Streamer app for iOS/Android devices