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Check Just Audio Out On YouTube Here!

Velox Premium Speaker Cable

by Metra
Original price $359.99 - Original price $439.99
Original price
$359.99 - $439.99
Current price $359.99
The 12 gauge BFA terminated cables are designed to deliver the purest undegraded sound possible using premium materials and construction. They feature high purity oxygen-free copper with hundreds of tightly woven solid-core conductors for excellent conductivity. To allow better flexibility, cotton paper separates the PVC jacket and conductors and cotton yarn supports the twist shape design. The low-density polyethylene insulation for each conductor avoids adding bulk, allowing the woven, flexible outer jacket to protect the cable from wear and tear without making it too stiff for installation. The BFA terminations are 24K gold plated with anodized aluminum terminals, making them easy to identity within an AV system. MetraAV will soon be shipping the Velox EHV-SPK series cables in 8, 10, and 12-foot lengths.
      Length - 8 feet/2.44 meters

      Length - 10 feet/3.05 meters

      Length - 12 feet/3.66 meters

Product Specifications:
  • HiFi-ready 12 gauge BFA terminated speaker cables
  • High purity oxygen-free copper for excellent conductivity
  • 12 AWG copper conductors
  • 420 separate 0.1 mm diameter strands per conductor
  • 24K gold plated BFA terminations
  • Woven flexible jacket protects from wear and tear
  • Anodized aluminum terminals for easy identification
  • Low-density polyethylene insulation for each conductor
  • Cotton yarn supports twist shape design
  • Cotton paper separator assists with flexibility