Yamaha CD-S2100 SACD/CD player with DAC

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Color: Silver

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Built like a tank to play like a dream
Meet the Yamaha CD-S2100. This versatile music player is built to the highest standards to deftly uncover the subletest nuances in your music library. It can take even long-familiar recordings and open them up to reveal fresh levels of detail that may just leave your jaw on the floor. Whether playing standard CDs and SACDs, or decoding the latest high-res music files streaming from your computer or other digital audio sources, the 'S2100 provides an intoxicating combination of digital clarity and analog smoothness, musicality and warmth.

The CD-S2100 offers superlative construction for stunning looks and sound quality.

All the right stuff for your music
Many of the CD-S2100's finer traits have been borrowed from Yamaha's Flagship CD-S3000. Along with its impressive disc-spinning skills, the CD-S2100 features optical, coaxial digital, and USB inputs for use as a stand-alone, high-resolution DAC. Its high-performance ESS SABRE32 digital-to-analog converter runs in a dual-differential configuration so that even the most delicate musical details emerge from a stunningly silent background.

The player's analog and digital circuitry are completely independent, with each boasting a dedicated power supply. Separating the circuitry eliminates any loss of sound quality caused by interference and noise between the two — a common problem with single power supply designs. It's a costly effort, but priceless to your music.

To maintain optimal sonic performance the CD-S2100 offers balanced XLR audio outputs for a low-noise, pro-quality connection to the compatible high-end amplifier of your choice, such as Yamaha's matching A-S2100.

Yamaha sweated the details, so you'll hear every detail
Sophisticated circuitry is just one aspect of this player's high-quality construction. Yamaha has paid particular attention to how those circuits interact. Crucial internal connections are made with screws rather than solder, and short cable runs are employed wherever possible — all to eliminate signal loss. Every circuit has been deliberately placed, including the digital and analog power supplies and their circuit boards, which are positioned on opposite sides of the player to prevent internal interference and achieve the ideal weight balance. It all represents Yamaha's dedication to preserving even the faintest musical details while offering sound marked by superior warmth and spaciousness.

Beautiful inside and out...
The CD-S2100 is beautiful in appearance, sturdy in construction, and created with genuine craftsmanship to give music lovers listening enjoyment and pride of ownership. It was built from the ground up with meticulous care to draw out all the details in your music.

Starting with its thick aluminum faceplate and rigid main chassis, this player provides a massive platform to help eliminate vibrations that can rob your music of its sparkle and presence. The 'S2100's newly designed custom drive mechanism is attached by heavy anchors to the chassis to achieve maximum mechanical rigidity and resistance to outside vibration. Then the transport is carefully fine-tuned to ensure perfect horizontal alignment.

These time-consuming, labor-intensive adjustments eliminate any minute tilting of the mechanism to achieve stable rotation and ultra-precise signal reading by the laser pickups. At the same time, this precise alignment helps prevent any vibration caused by rotation of the disc from affecting the circuit boards. Even the tray itself is made from high-rigidity aluminum to further reduce secondary vibrations due to resonance of the spinning disc and motor. Load a disc into this player's disc tray and you'll immediately appreciate the incredibly smooth, quiet operation.

...right down to its feet
Yamaha left no stone unturned in its quest to squelch vibration. Even the 'S2100's feet are engineered to improve sound quality. The four heavy-duty metal footers include your choice of spikes or pads to support the player's beefy 35-pound chassis. It all adds up to a player with outstanding performance and sound quality that will raise your system to a whole new level.