Yamaha NS2000A 3-Way Floorstanding Speaker Piano Black

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The NS-2000A is an impressive 3-way, 4-unit floor-standing system that provides flawlessly faithful reproduction of the original timbre and sound of all musical instruments.

(Priced Individually)

A newly developed diaphragm made of a blend of materials, including Zylon® and spruce, for true tonal balance
Ideal cabinet construction, designed with vibration analysis technology cultivated in our crafting of musical instruments
Yamaha-patented Acoustic Absorber optimized for the NS-2000A
Yamaha-patented R.S. (Resonance Suppression) Chamber for suppressing unwanted resonance
Authentic piano finish adds to the luxurious joy of ownership
High-quality parts for crossover circuitry, including audio capacitors made by Mundorf of Germany
Solid brass speaker terminals for highly secure connection and luxurious feel